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6 Amazing Facts You Should Know about Mobile App Developers

App developers have increased in number over the years and across the globe. In the past two years, there is a large amount download of mobile apps by different users globally. Creativity and design are the two skills every app needs for it to come out well. Technology has grown large to an extent that it involves time to develop a good app for consumers; this incorporates transparent ways for e-commerce between clients and developers.

Here are the most 6 amazing facts every mobile app developer should consider.

  • Deep market Research

Before thinking of developing an App, bring in the market strategy of the app into consideration. This will help to recognize the trends invoke, and strengthen your loopholes. Have a look at customer’s reviews on the app, as this will be of significance in making it better through an upgrade. As a mobile App developer, you must determine solutions to complaints from your app.

  • App Costing

The first thing to consider as an App developer is the cost of the app developing. This will make a perfect budget for the app; require an awareness of managing the complete process. The expenses of an app would require the costing of another developer when it is pricey. Checking the cost of registration is a crucial factor to note when putting your app in the app store of your choice. The cost of app registration affects how much you can make from the app. Another cost to put into consideration is software purchase, and cost of marketing.

  • App Description Writing

This provides an app with the essential facts to look for. It gives an insight of the performance of the app; whether it is user-friendly and how interactive, it can be on your mobile device and websites. You need a brief description of the app, creation of screenshots, and short videos on the app. It requires if an app needs to sell or download freely. Click here.

  • Pricing of an App

As an App developer, you may decide to charge for your app. It is of importance to put a price tag on it if only do you recognize the worth because it will permit you to earn something out of it. App pricing depends on the development cost and its function. The charges placed on an app depend on the number of responses generated from it. You need your own pricing policy and offers discounts when it comes to some seasons of the year.

  • Testing of the App

The best way of testing your app is by running it on the device you developed for it. Check the app if it is working perfectly. App testing shows the result of your developed app by distinguishing its abilities. This is another way to know the app abilities, and creating room for improvements through customers’ review. The app should be easily accessible to consumers.

  • Promoting the App

After the app are tested and undergone final changes from the mobile app development team. The next thing to do is to generate awareness why people should have it. App promotion is important; this will permit you to invest time and establish a diverse strategy for gaining the market.

Final Verdict

Every developer must keep in mind when actualizing his or her dreams of becoming a mobile app developer these six basic facts. This guide will be of significance to landing your own apps in the app stores of your choice. Learn more details at: http://thesoundpipemedia.com

Top 6 Mistakes App Entrepreneurs Make During App Development and Marketing

Building a successful Mobile app development is a tough task. Chances are low for all mobile app developers to excel. New app developers who are jump starting out in the game are afraid to take risks, as most of the new apps are left unnoticed in the market. If you see the app store, you will find that more than 50% of the apps fail in the market.

This is the reason why beginners face many challenges to become successful app developers.

How entrepreneurs enter the app market

There are many companies that encourage beginners to step up and try their luck in mobile app development. There is a great difference between being technically skilled and becoming successful. Not all skilled app developers are successful in themobile app industry. The biggest task for app developers is to develop a unique app and market it straight to their customers.

I would like to share the top 6 mistakes entrepreneurs should avoid while developing and marketing the Mobile app development.

Building an app for multiple platforms

This is one of the common mistakes app developers do. Entrepreneurs face a very competitive space, as there are millions of apps on Google Play and Apple Store. Instead of doubling the cost of developing anapp for multiple platforms, one should focus on building for one platform first.

. Hence, developers should avoid this mistake of developing for multiple platforms at the same time.

  1. Incorporating too many features

Most of the Mobile app development fail in the market due to very less or too many features. However, there are lots of apps that are plain and simple, and yet have a great potential to sustain in the market. Users check new apps for a short period. Providing too many features will drive away users, as the features may make the app look complicated.

The goal of entrepreneurs should be to keep the users glued to the app. This is possible by incorporating essential features on primary screen and rest of the features to secondary screens.

  1. Forgetting the ‘WOW’ factor

The number of Mobile app development users is expected to reach 80 million by the year 2018. Seeing the increasing number of mobile app users, App Stores of Android and Apple have set a bar with the design and user experience. If you give your Smartphone to a child, he/she will know how to use it. Thismeans the expectations of mobile users are entirely different from that of theweb. The user will give up on your app if it is very difficult to use.

  1. Inflexible marketing plan

App development and app marketing are two important phases of building a successful app.

Putting all the efforts in one basket

Technology and marketing are ever evolving, which means a single strategy will not generate same results. If you see the development and marketing plan of the top 10 best Mobile app development, you will see how they used technology to market their apps. The marketing channels they used earlier were entirely different from that of the channels they are using now.

Ignoring the audience and not releasing the updates

As an app entrepreneur, you should understand the fact that you are developing amobile app for other people. We all know that people have different need and preferences, and it ‘s hard to develop an app for everyone. It is essential to define target audience before defining the features of apps. Before developing an app check what users want and what type of solution they prefer.

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